WayMark Productions investigates areas otherwise overlooked or underreported by mainstream media. Currently concentrating on health issues such as cancer and Lyme disease, WayMark intends to broaden its mission in upcoming years to include other topics having an adverse effect on the world and its people.


WayMark Productions, LLC, was founded by Megan S. Smith, a screenwriter of 13 years and now documentary filmmaker. 

Having carried out thesis work in molecular genetics for her master’s in biology, in addition to an undergrad pre-med curriculum, Smith is uniquely qualified for investigating areas in health fields, carrying WayMark’s vision forward. Smith has written several investigative journalism pieces as a freelance writer on Lyme disease, one for The Washington Post.

Director's Statement

My journey for filming “A New Standard of Care” began when my beloved husband passed away of lung cancer in 2009. The way he died has nagged me ever since. I knew I had to do what I could to alleviate another human being - including my father, a three-time cancer survivor - passing to the other side in the manner my husband did.


Diagnosed with incurable “late Lyme” disease shortly before my husband's diagnosis, I turned to alternative therapies, a decision which essentially saved my life. We treated my husband briefly with this same therapy and his terrible wheezing stopped after just three days. 


Still, my husband was not convinced. Proctor, having worked in the U.S. Senate for 35 years, needed hard evidence. “Megan,” he pleaded in his Georgian drawl, “please don’t ask me to decide between an unproven alternative treatment and my doctor’s advice.”


And so he followed the path of conventional medicine which took his life in a very short time.


It took over six years to ponder how best to reach a wide audience to share what I’d learned through these experiences. One day the idea of documentary hit me. Within weeks I'd bought two cameras and filming accoutrement, hired a videographer, and set out on my journey to find the world’s top alternative cancer therapies.  Many are peer-reviewed and “evidence-based,” but for a variety of reasons haven’t seen much light of day. 


In the past, as with most people, my biggest fear was the dreaded Big C diagnosis. Now, armed with the knowledge that an arsenal of alternatives exist, I no longer fear it. I no longer fear cancer or the aftermath of conventional treatments because I know I have alternatives and I want other folks to feel the same, to feel safe. 


So, through this investigation, I will uncover and convey these viable treatments so that patients will understand they have A CHOICE. So that they too will have at their disposal an arsenal, a cache of knowledge, that allows them to choose which path to take on their healing journey.


I pray that the impact of my documentary, “A New Standard of Care,” decreases the horrific number of deaths from this dreadful disease in the U.S. and abroad.


But most of all, I want people to have CHOICES and simply have HOPE.